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What We Do

Ideal Client Profile

Working with Small Businesses

While we help many different people and types of organizations, central to our mission is working with closely held or owner-operated businesses with their employee benefit needs.  Everything begins from there. By really knowing our clients and the challenges they face we are able to build the kind of long-term relationships that maximize our ability to deliver value beyond what the typical agency can provide.  This includes not just the owner or Principles of your company but your key support staff that makes everything run on a day to day basis.

Because we are as selective as you, if you work with us you can be assured that we are a good fit.  Our goals are always aligned with yours and we are compatible with how you do business.  We have worked with many unique and fantastic clients and they all share a common thread which is the need to serve their own clients.  As your broker, we will work hard so you can focus on what you do well.

Built Around You

Full SVC

We have perfected the art of employee benefits by knowing our clients and then designing our services around those needs.

Over several decades we have worked closely with hundreds of companies, some large some small, and have learned firsthand how to rise above the ordinary.  We know the challenges you face and it is this combination of expertise and local personal attention that makes the difference.

Built around you means that your team will have a working relationship on a first name basis with our team and there will always be an open line of communication.  We will carefully consult with you to make sure you are always on the right path with the right product.   When you need help or have service related issues we will be your first line of defense.

Part of our full in-house service is concierge service in related areas such as individual health plans, Medicare, International Travel plans for you, your family, and employees.  We do this because it is often hard to separate the business from the personal and we are fully committed to looking after the important people in your world.

We have surrounded our agency with a network of top-drawer general agencies, carriers, vendors, and other professionals who we have a tight working relationship with so we are never at a strategic disadvantage.  We have access to all the most competitive products, software, and related technology that the larger firms do but we can support them with local people who have an interest in your success.

Positive User Experience

Individualized Consultation – in all matters before, during, and after you become a client

Personal and Local Service – on a first name basis for all of your service related needs

Annual Reviews – at a minimum, to discuss changes with both you and the carriers

Quoting Engine –we use Health Connect Systems and other state-of-the-art software to continuously monitor rates and products so we are sure you always have the exact right product

Underwriting & Delivery– we will not just sell you a policy but we will make sure that everything goes as expected and we will follow up if it doesn’t

Employee Enrollment – We can conduct on-site group meetings and/or one on one consultations with your employees to protect their privacy and keep you at arm’s length

Electronic Enrollment – As a client, you will have access to Easecentral gratis, an online enrollment and compliance tool

Mammoth HR – at no cost, you will also have access to our outstanding Human Resources platform, including documents, case studies, employee handbooks, and many other highly useful benefits

Troubleshooting – you will also have in-house support for issues related to claims, billing problems, and other insurance SNAFU’s

Supporting Products – for our clients, we offer in-house help with individual and family health insurance, short-term medical, travel insurance for both traveling and visiting employees, executives, and their family members

Trusted Network of Professionals – we don’t handle everything and if we cannot help you we will refer you to an outstanding professional who can.

NAHU – we are proud members of the National Association of Health Underwriters and support our industry to continuously make it better.

Client Bill of Rights

Each of us has individual responsibilities but we always work as a team.  We have the staff to truly provide full service to our clients and we commit the resources to make sure you are 100% happy with your experience.


Always.  Not only is it bad manners not to return phone calls – it is bad business.  If you have ever been dissatisfied with another service company that failed to live up to your expectations, it’s likely that your dissatisfaction began when they failed to follow this simple practice of good business etiquette.

We know your time is valuable.  If you have a concern or question about your plan or coverage, give us a call.  You can trust that we will follow through promptly with a solution.  If it is important to you, it is important to us.

It is your money and you darn well have a right to know where it goes including how we are compensated and what the insurance company charges are.  We furnish commission schedules on demand.  If a product has a fee or load, that will be communicated up front.

In most instances, we are paid directly by the insurance company when everything is complete so what you see is what you pay.  There are no hidden or extra fees and our services do not raise the cost of the product.

We will never give advice without first thoroughly understanding a client’s needs.  Each relationship is separate and private and we will always respect your confidentiality.

We do not use emotionally manipulative or narcissistic selling tactics such as high pressure, shame, guilt, or embarrassment.  We will treat everyone with dignity and respect.

Our back office is not overseas or in another state.  We are real people, right here where you are, and are available when you need us.  You are always welcome to come in and say hi.

We are not the biggest firm but we are the best because we always operate as a team and are committed to your needs.  We are not a collection of agents like some of our competitors where we are in a rent and secretary sharing environment to save money or pool commissions.  When you work with us, you will be in a select group and will know it by the superior level of attention you will receive.  This is our competitive edge.

We still sell individual and family plans in-house including health insurance, travel insurance, life insurance, DI and LTC. This is a major commitment on our part and we do it because it is necessary to fully support our business/group clients. We don’t indiscriminately market these products but for a client, referral, family, or friend who needs help, we are there for you with the same professionalism that we use with our larger clients.

All team members continuously train and learn to stay current with a constantly changing environment including the rules, regulations, products, and software.  It is our never-ending commitment to be at the top of our game.

God gave us two ears and one mouth and we try to use them in that proportion.

Thank you! We are grateful for your business and won’t forget it.

🇨🇭 WE ARE 🇨🇭

‘As Tight-Lipped as Swiss Bankers’ 

We are – extremely aware of how important and sensitive your
personal information is.
We will – respect your privacy 100% of the time.
We arefully HIPAA compliant have had rigorous internal controls
and training to protect you and your information.

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