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Executive Summary

Our job is to guide you through the world of health insurance and employee benefits, but we are not strolling through Disneyland.


Specialty Services

Is this You?

Many people think that a ‘startup is synonymous with high tech.  To us it means any business that is either just starting, has new ownership, or is rapidly expanding.  We have worked with dozens of startups, including high tech, and will help you develop a plan that will grow with you.

A number of our clients have a significant part of their workforce unionized. Some of these are where the rank and file is unionized and others vice versa.  We are familiar and comfortable with working with carve-outs and know the ins and outs.

We are happy to work with businesses where only one or a handful of employees need insurance.  If it qualifies as a group, we will get it underwritten.  This is a grossly underserved market and you will get lots of attention.

We work with large groups too.  They have their own dynamic rules which can be very different from smaller companies.  Our biggest group has 600 employees although they became a client when they had 20! (see above, we love startups).

We ensure several significant companies that are either a wholly owned subsidiary of an Asian or European parent company or an American company with part of their workforce overseas.  We can help not only their US employees but their visiting employees and relatives.  Sorry, we only speak English but rarely have trouble communicating.

We also insure a number of companies that have business operations spread throughout the USA including companies were the preponderance of employees are out of state.  This takes a special knowledge of the carriers, provider networks, underwriting, as well of an understanding of the industry and workforce.

I started my working life in the construction industry.  To work my way through college   I’ve built houses, poured cement, dug holes, roofing, and grunt labor. I know the industry well and am very comfortable in it.

I ensure close to 50 companies in the construction industry, both commercial and residential.  My client’s areas of expertise run everywhere from foundations to roofs including financing, architecture, engineering, civil engineering, excavation, demolition and hauling, cement, general contractors, electrical, plumbing, remodeling, handymen, rental managers, and real estate sales.  If you can build it, I can insure it.

We are quite familiar with the dynamics of a family run business and can help you navigate through the interfamily relationships that naturally come with them. We are diplomatic, confidential, and respectful and will be a positive stable resource for businesses that have intergenerational, extended, and or growing families.

We have worked with many serial entrepreneurs who operate multiple businesses or have their hand in many different ventures.  We can help you leverage things when it’s beneficial or keep them separate when necessary.

Nonprofits and quasi-nonprofits have a different set of challenges but their employees still need benefits.  Frequently this includes a different management structure, limited budgets (although not all), integrating benefits with state benefits, etc.  They are not our typical client but we enjoy working with them and do so whenever we can.


One of the most enjoyable aspects of what we do is working with companies that don’t fit in neatly anywhere.  Whether you are an artist, a consultant, an expert, or just anyone who marches to their own drum we are your broker.


As I like to say, “We eat our own cooking.”  Like you, I own my own business (happens to be in insurance) and I have employees that need insurance.  We are intimately familiar with the challenges you face and the problems that come with the territory. If you are looking for a broker that works as hard as you do, call us.


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