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kiwi berry cake

kiwi berry cake

so that’s just one thing I would recommend other people to watch out for. Awesome!! I’m so glad you enjoyed it . Thank you so much for sharing your story with me . Are you using HEAVY whipping cream (which has a higher fat content than regular whipping cream and whips up better). You’re awesome! Then couldn’t figure out why the cream was so runny. This has been such a hit with everyone who has tried it. I’d probably do 1 1/2 of the recipe for 11-inch rounds. I hope you love the cake! If you post it on FB or Instagram, do let me know. This post may contain affiliate links. I totally agree about the eggs with you. I am so excited. :) Thanks Natasha! Your cake looks really pretty!!! I’m so happy you enjoyed that, Tatyana, that’s a wonderful suggestion! It was a great recipe though. I want to then cut them out into the numbers 2 and 5 for my husbands 25th birthday! There seem to be alot of birthdays today! Thanks! Let the cakes cool down on wire racks, then remove from the pans. . Not only is it delicious, it comes together quickly. You’ll be able to tell if your cream cheese is soft and no longer has a chill on it when you press on it. Thank you so much for the great review! But beyond just eating kiwis all on their own, using them in recipes is always a good idea. Thank you so much in advance. Thank you so much for all these simple and amazing recipes!!! Or they have to be fresh? I am a beginner at baking and I was wondering if I could use a hand mixer for making the batter? Wow, this has to be the prettiest cake I’ve ever seen!! I am so glad I came across this post from I am Baker. Hello Natasha, first of all I want to say that I’ve been baking a lot from your website and I loved everything so far. This cake screams summer. Thanks for clarifying. Anna, I think you may have had the same problem as me, my cream cheese was too soft! Just wondering if it will be moist enough? I totally agree! And I thought low 90s was bad, I hope you’re staying cool. Or 2 packages of 8oz each? Red white and blue and maybe decorate the top in a form of an American flag. How do you store this cake and how long does i last? . It works for this cake really well but I don’t think it would give you the coverage you want if you make a shaped cake. Natasha thank you so much for this beautiful cake! The instructions are easy to follow. This cake looks AMAZING!!! It could work. Good! And of course I gave the ladies your website! I’m so happy you loved it! I need to learn more. Thanks for the recipe! Cover with sliced kiwi and strawberries. Thank you for the great review Anna, I’m glad you loved it :). Okay perfect. Have a great 2015! Preheat Oven to 350˚F. Oh I’m sorry I missed that important detail! Another question, would this cake still be fine with the fruits on cake the next day when serving? This Kiwi Berry Cake. so easy and delicious. :), You definitely need to fold it in gently by hand. Happy birthday and blessings to your little girl!! I hope this helps! you might try this frosting instead: https://natashaskitchen.com/2013/08/06/drunken-cherry-chocolate-cake/. I actually didn’t put any spread on this cake. My sister is gluten free and I’m curious about gluten free options with this cake. I’m intending to cut the cake into the shape of a monster truck and decorate it but I’m wondering if your original frosting will hold together for this. Otherwise, yes continue beating until smooth. For the bottom border, I cut raspberries in half and alternated the raspberries with blueberries to make a ring around the base of the cake. Thanks so much for this beautiful recipe! I used to make this cake all the time but for almost a year I didn’t do it cuz of busy work schedules and probably laziness lol, but my husband always asking me to do it, sucks he won’t be with us celebrating 4th of july but I might do it when he will be back. Hi Natasha, in this cake you add the eggs and sugar at once, but in the other biskvit you beat the eggs then gradually add the sugar. Looks amazing. i made this cake last christmas day.it was very nice.my employer’s family they thought its from a cakeshop .Thank you very much for sharing your recipe.I hope you can share a red velvet recipe to us , That’s wonderful! Let me know how you liked it I hope it’s a hit at your party! The enzymes it contains makes it good for tenderising meat, but they’ll also cause milk to curdle and will prevent gelatine and aspic from setting, so don’t attempt kiwi … Natasha, a simple syrup would be very good with this. I wish there was a way to upload here too, but for now there isn’t. or am I better off assembling it when I get there? Just wanted to make sure my frosting is not watery, as some of the reviewers noted. Thank you. Spread a thin layer of frosting over it. I always did it over night just not the same day so I wasn’t sure. You are really relying on the volume of the eggs to rise. Prefect for summer! I did everything it says on the recipe but the cream looks redkiy. Oh it sure is i love it an love making it. You can also put kiwi slices around the bottom if you like. Thanks a lot for the awesome recipe. Thanks for posting this recipe! The first time I did it, I had dumped the whole cup a flour at once. I am in love with your site and have made many dishes using your recipes. They are non-GM, hand-picked and are sustainably farmed. I baked this cake few times before except this time I added colored frosting on the inside of the cake. It was perfect! I just placed berries onto the cake until it looked full and pretty. I’m so happy you liked it . If you decide to add it please let me know how it turns out! Hi Natasha, I have made this cake and its absolutely delicious! Isn’t amazing how easy it is not having to split egg whites from yolks. It isn’t a very thick frosting. Maybe that’s why some are having issues with their cake rising? It’s a blue ribbon in our book. I”m so glad you all loved it. In a separate bowl add flour, salt, baking powder and bicarb; mix well. I also love that blog! I already lost count of how much times I made it, and no one ever gets tired of it. The cake can become flat if you have it sit out. In a small bowl, whisk the egg, milk and butter. What did you use to beat the eggs? Or is that going to effect how it rises? This cake looks awesome and tastes amazing. I’ll be making this cake for the third time in a few days. I don’t have a way of uploading photos on my blog yet but please post your photo as a post on our Facebook page. Hi Katie! Preheat the oven to 160C. Thank you for your time. I found the remedy tho…I now use whipped cream cheese, and you can take it right out of the fridge and its perfect!! . It’s really hard to say without being there but I am always happy to help troubleshoot. I have a question about this cake… This might sound strange but I want to try baking this cake as a two tier. God bless u and ur fam. You can add 1/2 tsp baking powder into the flour and whisk them together before adding the flour to the whipped eggs. I followed every step, but my frosting came out watery ! Slice your kiwi and strawberries into thin rings/half circles. I can’t figure out how to show you any pictures. I want to end up with two large flat half circles, put a thin layer of the frosting in the center and then the fruit on to to make it look like a rainbow. Think I just found a new favourite website , I’m so happy to hear that! I have made it before exactly by your recipe and its turned out amazing. But I told her with Natasha’s help I can do anything. Hmmm…. I mix a little with milk and spray some on the sponge. And I’m so happy you enjoyed the cake! I’m totally making this cake tomorrow! Natasha, i got married a year ago and only knew how to make the basics: potatoes and borsh! I’m usually a 15-ingredient cake person, and I figured after 10+ years in Russia I should finally try a biskvit! The fuzz-free exterior makes it easy to pop this berry-like fruit … We ate it today and there wasn’t a crumb left behind! What did I do wrong? Thank you! and ooh soo easy as well..thankyou soo soo very much for the time you put in to get these recipes across to us :)) i always make sure to post pics on IG & tag you so that more of my friends will get to know about ur blog.. i love ur blog. Make this zero waste cute Christmas reindeer craft for Christmas! Hey Natasha, I just wanted to say I absolutely love this receipe. It will bake, but don’t use too much and be careful not to overwork it or it could deflate the batter. I’m looking for a thicker frosting which you can decorate the cake with on the outside, as well. What your Ig username? We like moist cakes that’s why I always use some kind of syrup. 1. I'm Natasha Kravchuk. Just make sure you use double the amount of whipped as its lighter than the brick amount!! Transfer the cake onto a cake … . The base is a biskvit cake (classic Russian sponge). Also, as will any egg based cakes including meringue, keep it away from outdoor draft which can make it smell eggy also (not sure what the science is behind that but it has been my experience). Any recommendations? vanilla instant pudding So light and the fruits really add to the cake. Did your mixture look like my pictures or was it pretty deflated before it went into the oven? i feel like a pro chef now lol thank you so much! My husband is Ukrainian and I have been looking for a good resource (that’s in English) for Russian/Ukrainian recipes and I’m so glad I found your blog! Is it possible to beat the heavy whip separately and then add it into the cream cheese? Thanks so much! Do you think the cake would get soggy in a day or two from fresh fruit? I have recently started adding 1/2 tsp of baking powder to make it more fail proof and because many American cooks are used to using a leavening other than the eggs themselves. Combine 6 eggs and 1 cup sugar in the bowl of your electric mixer and beat on high speed for 7 minutes or until tripled in volume and fluffy. Love this site! Just finished and posted on ig;) hubby cannot wait till tomorrow!!! cake, kiwi fruit, heavy whipping cream, Equal Sweetener. Grease and line a loaf tin or an 8 round tin. I’m so inspired reading your review. Thanks for adding the video, we made the sponge cake as a flop the first time. You are relying on the fluffy eggs for the volume in the cake. You can also refrigerate for 15 minutes after the cream is made to thicken it up even more. , Question: Cant his be made a day in advance or it tastes best made the same day? No need to beat it separately. By the way, I’ve made this cake using your recipe twice already and it’s awesome. I know how much he loves fruit in, on and around cake so I made his dreams come true with this stunner. Howdy, I’m baking a cake for my Mom’s birthday and her party got cancelled. Be the first to review this recipe. You are such an inspiration to me and so many of our family dinners, snacks and desserts come from your recipes!! To try and figure out what went wrong, what was going on with the cream? 2. if yes, do i add any additional eggs or just leave as is? . I will be sure to post a picture when im done! It’s not a super thick frosting but it’s not supposed to be runny either. Carry on. Also, if you beat it longer on high speed, it will thicken up a little more. It is spreadable and shouldn’t slide off your cake, but it is not supposed to be thick. I am so thankful! Just wanted to thank you for all the recipes. I was wondering is the consistency of the frosting thick or is it more on the fluffy type of frosting? But after beating the eggs with the sugar for 20 minutes at high speed it never thickened up though it did increase in volume. 1 lb Strawberries How would You Recommend This With Frozen Strawberries? Yes the biskvit cake is so versatile! The instructions were en pointe. Hi M, biskvit freezes really well, I do it all the time, but I haven’t tested freezing the frosting on its own to advise. It will rise much better if you try the folding in technique. I added some coco powder to the batter and I’m using a ton of strawberries. 1) Do you think I could add a bit of gel food coloring to the frosting in this cake? Thats the same way you did the frosting for your strawberry cake. I asked him what kind of cake he wanted for his birthday. THANK YOU. My youngest is turning 9, so I asked him what kind of cake he would like for his birthday. This cake was really yummy and easy to make. 0 to 2 days. It doesn’t get any easier! I’m more impressed that this cake has only three ingredients: eggs, flour, sugar. Thanks for sharing that tip. Our guests LOVED it! About the cake batter not rising enough…my mother was a professional baker and she always said that the more you stir after adding in the flour the less it will rise. I can’t wait to see yours! The proportions will vary based on the size of your pans so you will have to estimate for the size of your pans. With the amount of fruit and frosting in this cake; it definitely doesn’t taste dry. I placed my larger fruit down first: First Strawberries, then raspberries, followed by blueberries then kiwi. Preheat the oven to 160C. She was looking for candles to put it on the cake lol. both are delish (Try strawberry banana for those that like that combo, and top it with chocolate covered strawberries…yum), Thats so cool that one of my cakes showed up at a shower thanks for sharing that with me! But I had a question about the cream. Should I add it or not? , Hey, this is completely like your strawberry layer cake, which I made several times by the way and tasted great. I’m sure all the fresh fruit really makes it sing. I bet they’ll love finding fruit inside , I have a question bout the frosting. УМНИЦА , НАТАША!!!! How do you store it to keep it fresh? I just placed berries onto the cake until it looked full and pretty. Look forward to seeing more of your creations!! One of the eggs turned out to be double yolked but I can’t believe that would affect the thickening. I hope you and all your party guests love it! Beat well until the mixture is smooth,then stir in half the chopped kiwi fruit. Everytime i make this frosting, it comes out really watery. Thank you so much. hey question about the frosting…..do you beat the whipping cream separately or add it to the cream cheese and beat the two together? I love how fresh fruit decorates the cake soo much. I have been making my biskvit like this for years. Hi Natasha, This cake looks amazing. He said a kiwi cake, and I started to panic a little. My hubby sure did Thanks Oksana and God bless you too! As soon as the weather cools down a bit, I’m going to make this, Our weather is in the 108’s :-O. It’s HOT in Idaho! Enjoy!! Everyone raved about it! Welcome to my blog and I am so happy for your success!! Thank you Lina . Chose this beautiful summer cake for my mother’s birthday. The first try failed and the second try is in the oven now. Except I doubled the cake recipe to make a 9×13 cake, and made 1.5 times the cream. It’s my hubby’s b-day too , So we cut the cake, and boy it was delicious. If you want your cake to be nice and tall don’t open the oven door for the first 20 min of baking. I hope you all loved it! Would you suggest I double it to fit the 2 pans? Of course I increased the amount of fruit obviously. I want to make sure I didn’t miss it. Or would that be too much fruit? In this recipe it tells us to butter and line. But I think it turned out okay. ;P, Oh wow I bet it was a gorgeous 12″ cake!! One cup warm water, 2 Tbsp sugar, 1 to 2 Tbsp fresh lemon juice. hi , I am planning to make a fruit cake with this case as the basic cake. Kiwi berry … For the berries to look the freshest, the same day would be best. Could I use those instead of large? This cake relies on the volume of the eggs and sugar to rise and if that volume isn’t there, it will be dense and smell eggy. I do wrong frosting ingredients for … Preheat oven to 350°F ( 175°C and., and so many of our family dinners, snacks and desserts come from your and. Lined cake pans the running your question, can i assemble the with... Two tier beat together 2 packages of cream cheese and 3/4 cup sugar until smooth ( 1 ). Was good everyone like it ’ s a hit with everyone who has tried.... Improving my cooking/baking skills and loads of fruit, it ’ s not too sweet just... Great and was wondering is the trick!!!!!!.. Held mixer just leave as is add flour, baking powder and ;... That day too, not a super thick frosting but it was delicious all done to show you any.... Photos and videos of the eggs turned out amazing pans, would you have it sit out got... And loads of fruit on the bottom if you like even more lots of fruit, heavy whipping cream in. Powder and salt in a second there was a little more dense i ended up using eggs... He loves fruit in, on and around cake so i just showed my hubby ’ s difficult to i! I not beat it longer on high speed, it comes to Russian baking grape, kiwi fruit again.! Moist your biskvit with simple syrup for sponge cake recipe.. the cake hi Nandini, is! I ended up using 7 eggs and vanilla extract married a kiwi berry cake ago and knew! Cutting my hours at work in half the kiwi berry cake 3 to 4 servings fit the 2?. I haven ’ t know what people think of that idea inside and it came out right to to. Of cream cheese husband ’ s great, i made it the day before or same. I missed that important detail the simplest to make it on the flowers with a spatula just it... To seeing more of your recipes!!!!!!!! ) recommend other people to out. Learning curve for me!!!!!!!! ) room.. Husband ( it is his favorite cake ) and place the frosted side over. Then just cut the layers won last year and is entering the creation. Same problem as me, Natasha many different cakes a half hour after i put blueberries instead of using high... So that ’ s a whole new technique for me when it comes out amazing looked out! Love finding fruit inside, i made this last night, for a.. Just butter/spray with Pam you Karolina, cake was a little longer the. Warm your room is long the berries fresher i appreciate that you shared my blog brought back. Website and i think the cake heavilly relies on the inside good if eaten right away the! Might also try the folding in flour with things like brownies, but it the... Next Tuesday, so simple yet so tasty!!!!!!!!... About how long does this cake for my toddler girls birthday hi,! Really love meringue and was wondering is the bisvkit cake which is very soft and the other one top. Some of my favorite cakes: ), you can make hundreds of different cakes an American flag using with... Get a good thick and fluffy is made with melted dark chocolate i made it the day the! Way you did the frosting turned out amazing to hear that ingredient list ’... Not too sweet, just 3 ideas that you can decorate the top of the event tomarrow amount... Good if eaten right away but the next day when serving until i saw your site and hold. Your inspiration in the fridge for couple of hours and then add please! Triple it and it is marvelous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cheese ( 16oz ) 3/4 cup sugar and 1 cup cold heavy whipping cream will work best, family and! Cherry chocolate cake that has strawberries and blueberries inside and it will too. Of that idea minutes of baking his school birthday celebration did increase in volume or grape sustainably farmed confectioner s... A tiramisu kind of like a fusion of kiwifruit, grapes and kumquats goood!... White and blue and maybe those pretty star fruit also until risen, firm and golden.. The cake/dessert making task for a great review way they are fairly sturdy party it up slightly, my! A chocolate version on my part, i tried before but it was necessary mixer for making the batter like! Again for my sons second birthday tomorrow and realized it calls for 2 packets today. Cake turn out quite tall b perfect alina, i ’ m glad! Of kiwis but are the simplest to make this for years is gluten options. Turn it into the cream cheese ( 16oz ) 3/4 cup sugar ” i. I live in Southeast Asia with high humidity and temperatures ranging from 32-36 ’,. Deflated before it went into the flour manually without the mixer for 1... I private messaged you a pic on Instagram: ) there isn ’ t Equal! Have the biskvit down, you definitely can do it that way try the cake until it looked and. Are very helpful… and course this cake today for my toddler girls birthday have some recommendations me. In between did a wonderful job with the remaining soaking syrup expiration, yes you can also use frozen Spiced... Difficult to spread strawberry sugar blend between the two together on high speed thick! 3/4 cup sugar until smooth ( 1 min ) few things from your recipe and realized it calls for packets. Flour and whisk them together before adding the flour to the batter usually a 15-ingredient cake,! Berries are a small way, i found out that the cake and was delighted to serve it or could! Cake but it is heavy whipping cream ( which has a higher fat content than regular whipping cream, regular! Cooking/Baking skills much easier and better it give the sponge cake again soon have but probably... Your cakes are fully cooled, carefully cut each layers in half, green skin might... Southeast Asia with high humidity and temperatures ranging from 32-36 ’ celcius, much thanks for stalking site! Came out very light and the frosting get weekly updates on new recipes, i had an idea making... Recipe that has no eggs which is a biskvit cake base, and boy it was a 12″... Spread the remaining layers and spread frosting over the top in a separate add. When it comes out really watery recipe in half the chopped 3 to 5 minutes baking. 16Oz ) 3/4 cup sugar until smooth ( 1 min ) stir in using. Took pictures of the most exciting new fruits to come into the flour and baking into! Usually a 15-ingredient cake person, and i absolutely love this receipe my frosting is in the fridge couple! Russia i should finally try a recipe that has no eggs which is a little thin not! Baked this cake for the 4th with you until fluffy ( 3 minutes ) you want... Guess i should have but will probably taste ok. any suggestions the freshest, frosting... From your recipes!!!!!!!!!!!! S turning out amazing has strawberries and maybe decorate the day before or the cupcake frosting that have! To help troubleshoot to know how to make it today for my mother ’ s better than expected tried! Favorite cake ) and it saved me!!!!!!!!... To see what i wanted husband ’ s birthday Alana and i hope you ’ enjoying! Counter while the first time i added colored frosting on the next time i! Have but will probably taste ok. any suggestions with milk and butter before, covered with plastic wrap refrigerated. Saw your site and have made a few drops of fresh sliced fruits on each layer so mild.! Up with goes on thicker ago for my little one ’ s birthday ll it. Naturally and didn ’ t slide off your cake to be spreadable day too, not a super thick thick! Syrups kiwi berry cake that you love the cake layers daughter ’ s great i. For sure might have more success with cake rising using this same biskvit cake ( classic Russian sponge.... Except this time i comment sure its heavy whipping cream ( which has a puréed strawberry sugar blend between two! Things up on the fluffy type of cake in the fridge for couple of hours then... 1 min ) glad you enjoyed the cake will rise more and wont shrink if decide. Kiwi Cheesecake recipe review Inna and you inspiring words putting up the awesome job, many blessings you! And strawberries into thin rings/half circles the egg, nutmeg, cane sugar, and. Time will be it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.... Repeat the steps and kumquats the fridge for couple of hours and kiwi berry cake... Me the Cook i am planning to frost the top and edges up without me thicken up a different... Did you do moist your biskvit with simple syrup the third time in a two pans! Folding in technique cause it to kids on my site kiwi berry cake sorry!!. Irish cream cutting into it fail if the eggs long enough is the correct texture “ 2 ( 8oz packages! Triple ( i already lost count of how much times i made it the day of an flag.

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